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The Difference Between Sex Coaching and Sex Therapy

As a certified Sex and Intimacy Coach, and clinical sexologist, I have over 750 hours of course hours and training, so I can support you with your intimacy concerns. My focus is taking you from where you are in the present and helping you consciously create sexually fulfilling experiences.

How Can I Help!?

Overcome the awkwardness of talking about sex with a partner and learn how to create an environment of openness and exploration

Samantha R.

Amy is the best! She truly has a passion for women’s health and for helping her clients. So fun and easy to work with and she will answer any questions you have.


I have been a client of Amy's for years now. she is the best, always doing everything she can to make sure we are happy and orgasmic


Amy makes talking about sex seem like the most normal thing in the world. She is personable and easy to talk to. Very much like a neighbor next door, just one who knows way more about sex than your actual neighbor! She is able to clarify your issue, meet you right where you are, and skillfully gives you next steps that are just enough of a challenge but not too much of a stretch. She is a wealth of knowledge and there is huge benefit to working with her.


I can't thank you enough for the time and attention you have provided. You gave me some really great insight and ways to explore my sexuality and to become more confident in myself while partaking in this journey. You helped me come out of my shell in order to express my desires, likes, and dislikes to my partner. I feel more secure in who I am and what I can be/do. I could not have learned how to be more expressive, confident and positive about myself as a person and in the bedroom with my partner without your support and coaching.

Sexuality is in the energy that motivates us to find love, contact, feel warmth, and intimacy

It is expressed in the way we feel , move , touch and are touched

It is about being sensual as well as sexual

My approach to Sex Coaching - the MEBES Model

The MEBES model, created by Dr. Patti Britton, the mother of Sex Coaching, is built on the idea that helping a client with a sexual concern usually involves their mind (M), emotions (E), body and body image (B), energy (E) and sometimes spirit (S). As a student at Sex Coach University, I am taking 750 course hours, studying all areas of sexology as well as intensive coaching practice. I will be certified by the end of 2023 as a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Coach.


M - Mind or Mental

What a person thinks, self-talk, information, past-held beliefs, and current belief system that may be impeding satisfying sex.


E - Emotions

What a person feels, sexual history/emotional baggage and jubilant moments, past emotional disturbances, past incidents or patterns of abuse, the terrible three (fear, shame and guilt), stuck feelings.


B - Behaviors/Body

What a person does, how they feel about their physical self, body language, signs of affection, sexual performance and techniques.


E - Energy

What makes a person feel alive, chi or the universal life force energy that runs through every living thing, energetics/flow.


S - Spirit

A person's essence, spiritual belief system (not always the same as religion), inner self.

Source: Dr. Patti Britton, "The Art of Sex Coaching" 2005

What to expect with Sex Coaching

Thanks for your interest in working with me!

Don't worry! It won't be overwhelming and intense. Our sessions take place every 2 weeks. In between sessions, you will practice with your home assignments which are usually a lot of fun!!

Each session will include a Sex Ed topic, then we will dive into working on your goals. I go at your pace.


What is the minimum number of sessions?

For most sexual concerns, we begin with 6 sessions, including the discovery call. Typical issues, such as low libido or orgasm problems take at least 12 sessions to have tangible and long last effects. At the first consultation, I give you an estimate and recommendation of a package.

Do I need to pay upfront?

Yes. I offer flexible payment plans, a pay in full discount and utilize PayPal Pay It Later.

Do you accept insurance?

I am not a medical professional, so insurance companies do not cover sex coaching.

Are there other ways to work with you?

I offer different group classes throughout the year and have courses available for purchase. Click here for a list of current options.

Can you invoice me?

Yes I can send invoices. Please let me know that is how you prefer to pay.

What if I have to reschedule?

I have a written cancellation and rescheduling policy. Each package has an expiration date. Within that time, you can reschedule (subject to availability) your sessions if you inform me at least 24 hours before our session.

Do you offer in person sessions?

I see most clients of my clients via zoom, but if you are interested in in-person sessions let me know. Try my free online consultation and we can discuss any concerns you have with online coaching.

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